Storage & material handling, ware washing, ventilation, installation & services

D.E.I. offers full service stainless steel fabrication with state-of-the-art kitchen design. Innovation and technology enable us to meet all code requirements (UL, CE, NSF and AGA). Building up to your specifications is our specialty. We also fabricate brass and glass carts, kiosks and decorative railings, customized for your unique application.


Experts in meeting and exceeding industry standards, D.E.I. will help you keep your food fresher, reduce energy and maintenance costs and ensure maximum refrigeration efficiency. Whether you require reach-ins, pass through, refrigerated equipment stands, refrigerated rooms or display units our staff will guide you through your selection.


Excellent cooking is the focal point of every kitchen whether large or small. The proper cooking equipment is the primary component of a well thought and successful menu.

D.E.I. offers an unlimited variety of cooking equipment from all major manufactures. Allow us to use our expertise to assist you in selecting ranges, convection ovens, conveyor ovens, fryers, rotisseries, char-boilers, griddles, braising pans and steam kettles. We also have extensive experience with the latest cooking innovations such as combi ovens, hi-tech frying systems, cook-chill systems and sous-vide. D.E.I.'s expertise assures you of the right piece of quality cooking equipment for any location worldwide.


In today’s eclectic environment where concept restaurants are the norm, it is important to maximize the usage of each piece of equipment. To maintain high productivity we assist you in selecting from the latest multiple use appliances. D.E.I. can provide you with mixers, slicers, processors, blenders, packagers and choppers from the top manufacturers in the foodservice industry.