Fabrication, Refrigeration, Cooking and Preparation Services

storage & material handling

Critical components for any foodservice establishment include maintaining the quality and integrity of hot prepared foods, pre-prepared cold foods and the proper storage of dry goods. From hot and cold storage cabinets to steam handling equipment to wire shelving, D.E.I. has the right product for your kitchen.

ware washing

Regardless of the size or concept, every successful food operation must have clean dishes, silverware, pots and pans, and the ability to dispose of the large quantity of refuse generated in today’s modern kitchen. Let D.E.I. show you how to make cleaning and food disposal as efficient as possible. From dishwashers to disposers, D.E.I. employs state-of-the-art equipment and technology to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of your washing and waste operations.


Proper balance of exhaust and intake air is one of the most critical, yet least understood aspects of kitchen design. D.E.I. has the experience to properly engineer your air system, be it a simple hood or a highly sophisticated UDS system. We are on the cutting-edge of ventilation technology and can customize any system to meet your specific needs.

installation & service

Ultimately, integrating all the aspects of your foodservice business through proper installation and servicing of your equipment is the key to our success. Working worldwide, using only highly trained professional installers, D.E.I. will guaranteed a job that fits right, works properly from day one and continues to perform at its peak for years to come.